5 Reasons Why You Should Be Remarketing

Why you should be remarketing

If you haven’t taken the time yet to dig into remarketing, well then I guarantee you are losing out on potential customers. Check out the 5 reasons below why you should be remarketing.

1 – On average only 5% of visitors convert on your website

The #1 reason to be remarketing is because for a majority of sites, only 5% of first time visitors convert. Don’t believe me? Run your conversions against your traffic and most likely is close to 5%. Why is that? There are a majority of factors that play into that percentage. One is that people like to do research before they purchase. Also, it could be because of a bad landing page, a question not being answered, hesitancy to trust your brand, etc. This is why you should be remarketing, don’t you want to grab some of that other 95%?

2 – Remarketing can be a cheap way to convert additional customers

In general the CPC can be much lower when you are remarketing. That is one reason I highly recommend doing it. Maybe you are paying around $2.00 a click to get that customer on your site the first time around, but the 2nd time around, you can grab them for a mere $0.50. If you could pay 1/4th of what you did originally to get them on your site and they convert the 2nd time around, would you? Of course you would. Remarketing can be a great cheap way to convert additional customers. I highly recommend remarketing no matter if your AdWords budget is $500 a month or $20,000 a month.

3 – Bid higher to grab back that 95%

The reverse is also true. Depending upon your niche, you might actually want to bid higher on your remarketing ads. If your ads and landing pages are solid, this can be a very effective way to constantly remind the customer that you exist and that you have a great product. It also depends upon your average customer value. If you are selling a $5.00 eBook, then is probably doesn’t make sense to bid higher in your remarketing campaign. However, if what you are selling is $1,000, than bidding higher on your remarketing campaign ads might actually be worth it.

4 – Show customers an alternate side of yourself

A lot of clients I work with don’t change their ads when they remarket. Subtle variations can make such a difference. Example, if you are advertising pain management, maybe your remarketing ad, instead of saying “In Pain”, it says, “Still in Pain?” See how adding one word can change the ad quite a bit. Or since they already probably know who you are, maybe you run an ad with your awards, or testimonials. Show the customer something else about your brand or company that they didn’t know before. That is what remarketing is all about… finding ways to grab that customer and convert them into a lead. There is a reason they didn’t convert the first time, and so you need to find what that is.

5 – Consistently showing your branding is everything

You should be constantly showing your brand on the internet so people know who you are. However, you don’t want to overdue it either. With remarketing I highly suggest setting up frequency caps and timing so that you don’t end up turning away a customer because of showing them too many ads. Below is one example I snapped the other day of Perfect Audience. While doing research on some 3rd party remarketing/retargeting programs you can see that Perfect Audience is really wanting me to come back to their site. However, in my opinion when I start seeing three ads overtaking an entire site, I tend to start ignoring them. I highly suggest remarketing in moderation, otherwise it might end up backfiring on you and then you are actually losing money.

Set Caps on Remarketing

Timing is also important. Have you ever ordered a pizza and then browse another website 5 minutes later and the entire site is full of ads for that pizza company? Do you really think I am going to order another pizza in that same day? This is an example of bad timing. It would be better to target me starting within the next 24 hours, not instantly after I order. Be smart when you are remarketing so that your campaign can be cost effective.

Are you already remarketing?

If you are already remarketing we would love to hear your thoughts below. Maybe you are using AdRoll, Retargeter, or Perfect Audience.  Do you think the CPM model is the better way to go with remarketing, or stick with CPC? Make sure to check out my post on AdRoll VS Perfect Audience.

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