If You Haven’t Already, Add Your Blog to Technorati!

Add Blog to Technorati

Update: Unfortunately Technorati is no longer accepting blog submissions. You can read more here: Welcome to the new Technorati.

If you run any time of blog, make sure to add it to Technorati. This is one place a lot of people forget about. The site still has a great domain authority, with PR9, and can bring in traffic depending upon your niche. It definitely is worth taking 5 minutes to get yourself listed for free. Head over to http://technorati.com/account/signup/ to signup.

After you signup simply fill out your profile information.

Technorati Profile

Then you will need to claim your blog.

Technorati Claim Blog

The important part is entering your blog’s feed and then also tags in which people can find your blog.

Claim a new blog

It usually takes 24-48 hours to get your blog is approved.

Technorati Claim

You will then receive an email with a code to finish claiming your blog. You will need to go back to your profile and click on “Check Claim.”

technorati check claim

You then have to put the code that they give you into a new post on your blog so that it can crawl it and verify. I usually just throw it in a recent blog post at the bottom of an article. Then click on “Verify Claim Token.”

verify claim token

You will then receive a final email once your blog is fully claimed. You can then remove the claim token.

Happy blogging!

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11 thoughts on “If You Haven’t Already, Add Your Blog to Technorati!”

  1. Brian
    Technorati has revamped themselves and now no more accepting blog submission and they are no more a blog directory.

    • Thanks Harsh. Yes is it very sad since Technorati was a great backlink for blogs. I have now updated the article above.

  2. Hello Brian,

    I suggest you to delete the complete article, If technorati is no more accepting new registrations and its not a blog directory anymore..So, this article doesn’t make sense or you can update this post like how harsh did on his blog.

    Ps: BTW you are ranking in Google for keyword “how to signup in technorati” which is good for you to give genuine information to the readers by updating this post.

    • Hey Feroz, if you actually read the blog post, I have an announcement at top just like Harsh. Please read before commenting. Thanks!

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