How I got my Blog Post to Go Viral with only 2 Minutes of Work

The thing everyone wants when they write a blog post, to go viral! While there are a lot of different ways to get a post to go viral I am going to share with you one of the easiest ways and it requires very little effort or time. I recently had a blog post of mine go viral on Medium and I will be using that in my example.

[alert-note]I only spent 2 minutes on this method and it went viral. I’m assuming you have 2 minutes to spare![/alert-note]

Quality, Relatable, or Emotional Response

First, make sure your post is viral-worthy. From my experience and watching things go viral it usually needs to be either quality content (research or case studies), something people can relate to, or funny/sad. Oddly enough a lot of people get this part right and they fail on the next part, which is promotion. Which is required if you want it to go viral.

Promoting Your Blog Post

Promotion is the piece people never get right. I would say that promotion comes hand in hand with SEO now. Or maybe your in a niche that is so competitive you can’t rank for it. Your only option then is promotion. I have so many people ask me why their amazing content isn’t getting shared or getting traffic and the first thing I ask them is…

“What have you done to promote it?”

And their answer always is… “I shared it to Facebook.”

sigh gif
img src: sigh animated gif

And that’s where it ends. Most likely their Facebook has a couple of hundred likes and that is where their awesome blog post goes to die.

The One Method I Used to Go Viral

This strategy has worked for me multiple times and it is so simple I almost feel stupid posting it. But I am also writing this so I can send it to my clients.

I recently wrote an article about my recent health struggles with Ulcerative Colitis. I called it “An Entrepreneurs Struggle with Ulcerative Colitis.” I decided to publish this on Medium (I have now moved this article to my new blog) as it has nothing to do with my target audience on this blog. I would categorize my post as both relatable for people with the disease and also emotional as I describe the pain I have gone through. At the very end of the article I gave a mention to CCFA which is an amazing non-profit organization fighting for the cure.

CCFA mention

There were two reasons I gave them a mention. One is because I believe in what CCFA is doing and the second is because of what I was about to do next.

I went over to their website right after publishing my post and found some contact info for them. I fired up Outlook (yes you heard that right) and wrote them a quick email. Took about 2 minutes.

Here is my email.

email to ccfa

The very next morning I woke up to a bunch of email notifications, Facebook messages, tweets, you name it. I was like what is going on? I opened my Medium stats and boom.

I went from 18 views to 2,081 in under 24 hours

medium traffic

And if we take a look at my referrers in Medium you can see that all the traffic is coming from Facebook.

medium referrers

It just so happens that someone over at CCFA did indeed get my email and decided to share my article on their Facebook which has almost 100,000 fans on it. Facebook’s organic reach is definitely not dead yet! The FB post ended up getting 687 likes and 148 shares.

facebook viral

I got tons of Facebook messages, still trying to respond to them all and lots of mentions on Twitter. I also met a ton of new people going through the exact same thing as me as well… in other words it is relatable. Even scored an interview!

Update: Here is that interview with Digestive Wellness if anyone is interested in reading it.

That was my very first time posting on Medium and after everything died down I wound up with 3,484 views and 1,338 reads within 4 days. Not bad for first time on Medium!

medium reads

Sometimes all it takes is one email!

So the next time you write a post, give someone of authority in that space a mention at the bottom and shoot them off an email. It could make all that time you spent writing that amazing post worthwhile.

And if you are looking for some additional ways to promote your post, check out these awesome articles from Robbie and Stuart (see what I did here ☺… hint hint)

As always feel free to leave your comments below.

Brian Jackson

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51 thoughts on “How I got my Blog Post to Go Viral with only 2 Minutes of Work”

  1. I think adding controversy or something that people want to talk about is the best way to go viral. Staying safe and conservative and expecting results is for the weak ! Congrats Brian

  2. It’s teasing when I see my blog getting quickly shared by individuals that find me, but never enough to build a viral wave.

    • Totally agree. I see that sometimes as well. Sometimes a mere $5.00 in FB ads will be all it takes to get your post over that hump. Give it a try.

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  4. Thank you for the information. I have to make sure to look for opportunities to include shoutouts and mentions of people/organizations who can help me with promotion.

  5. I’ve been soaking up many of your articles today, and I came across this one… I have Crohn’s Disease, and I am quite familiar with the CCFA (they’ve shared my stuff, too), but knowing that you’ve got UC, and your content is awesome just turned me into a fan for life =)

    • Sorry for the delay in commenting. But your comment just made my day :) Thanks for saying that, I appreciate it. Make sure to subscribe to my gluten-free blog: Got lot’s of great content coming out, including one later this week on “Food Matters: What Gastroenterologists Don’t Want to Hear.” It will be an interesting post. Maybe go viral again hehe.

  6. Hey @Brian, thank for this post. We recently got a featured post on Speckyboy (a top design blog) and the post is about 10 reasons why someone should consider our CRO Landing Pages Toolbox and 10th reason is that we support Watsi, a crowdfunding platform for medical treatments. After reading your post I realized that we forgot to inform Watsi about the post so I did let them know and they were very happy about it and will feature us in one of future stories. Here’s the post if you want to checkout – Sam

  7. That’s great Sam! Yes, this strategy is so simple and yet effective. I use it on a daily basis and 8/10 times it produces results.

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  9. It’s all about giving people what they want, or are looking for, or what they should be looking for! And getting enough eyeballs looking at your offers for them to convert. These are some GREAT tips. Some of which I follow on a regular basis; others I attempt to follow. If you have a good topic, and you follow those tips, I think you are just about Guaranteed to do well, as long as your content isn’t crappy, lol.

    I quickly noted that; if you LOVE tweaking your site, do it.. Ha.. Just realize it’s not directly related to your bottom line; that’s my only point. Personally, I hate it; I’m not a designer, coder or anything like that. I’m a blogger girl.. but more power to you if you like that kind of thing, you rock!

    But yeah, I haven’t heard these tips before, but that’s something I’m now going to do every day. I think you hit the nail on the head with you points in this post. I completely agree with everything you said!

  10. Hey!
    Congrats it worked for you.
    I’ll still call it a game of luck that the mentioned authority ended up sharing the post to their audience.
    To start off with, it’s all about creating the right content or rather the best content and hope for someone to share. Else you could try Viral Marketing.
    This will help you understand the tactics.

    • Hey Kyle. This method has worked for me more times than I can count. But yes, your right it is all about the content! The better the content, the more likely they are to share it.

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  13. This one strategy which seems very basic can not only bring visitors for you but it can help you rank as well. If big authority sites related to your content mention you on social network people following them will start following you because they trust these company. Additionally these sites may mention site link on their posts/articles as well which will help alot in long term.

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  15. this is a great article man. Lifting other people up in your articles is such an awesome concept. Who would have thought right? All you needed to do to go viral was talk about someone else. It’s almost like, treat others how you would like to be treated.

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  17. This is so true! I did exactly the same thing with one of my article and the other day it went viral!
    I just sent it to the local news where I thought it might be related to their topic and interest and they featured it on FB. Boom, I suddenly got from zero to 3000 visitors in one day. I was freakin’ happy.
    However, the success didn’t last long. The next day it was just 1500, the other day 700 and after about one and a half week, it went back to just a few visitors a day.

    It is really hard to manage to have a high traffic on a blog these days.The competition is simply too big in any niche. I am trying really hard to use right hashtags and make attractive headlines, but my posts never get so attention like that time it was shared by some influencer.

    Do you have some other recommendations regarding this topic? Please let me know.
    Thanks for encouraging post and happy blogging :)

  18. Hi Brian,
    The only amazing thing is: you never quit and you never give up on yourself. You believe you can do and you did it. Kudos Brian

    • Hey Hafiz,
      Yes, it is. Something as simple as a share on Reddit or trending item on Hackernews can easily go viral with less than 2 minutes of work.


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