How I got my Blog Post to Go Viral with only 2 Minutes of Work

The thing everyone wants when they write a blog post, to go viral! While there are a lot of different ways to get a post to go viral I am going to share with you one of the easiest ways and it requires very little effort or time. I recently had a blog post of mine go viral on Medium and I will be using that in my example.

I only spent 2 minutes on this method and it went viral. I’m assuming you have 2 minutes to spare!

Quality, Relatable, or Emotional Response

First make sure your post is viral worthy. From my experience and watching things go viral it usually needs to be either quality content (research or case studies), something people can relate to, or funny/sad. Oddly enough a lot of people get this part right and they fail on the next part, which is promotion. Which is required if you want it to go viral.

Promoting Your Blog Post

Promotion is the piece people never get right. I would say that promotion comes hand in hand with SEO now. Or maybe your in a niche that is so competitive you can’t rank for it. Your only option then is promotion. I have so many people ask me why their amazing content isn’t getting shared or getting traffic and the first thing I ask them is…

“What have you done to promote it?”

And their answer always is… “I shared it to Facebook.”

And that’s where it ends. Most likely their Facebook has a couple hundred likes and that is where their awesome blog post goes to die.

The One Method I Used to Go Viral

This strategy has worked for me multiple times and it is so simple I almost feel stupid posting it. But I am also writing this so I can send it to my clients.

I recently wrote an article about my recent health struggles with Ulcerative Colitis. I called it “An Entrepreneurs Struggle with Ulcerative Colitis.” I decided to publish this on Medium (I have now moved this article to my new blog) as it has nothing to do with my target audience on this blog. I would categorize my post as both relatable for people with the disease and also emotional as I describe the pain I have gone through. At the very end of the article I gave a mention to CCFA which is an amazing non-profit organization fighting for the cure.

CCFA mention

There were two reasons I gave them a mention. One is because I believe in what CCFA is doing and the second is because of what I was about to do next.

I went over to their website right after publishing my post and found some contact info for them. I fired up Outlook (yes you heard that right) and wrote them a quick email. Took about 2 minutes.

Here is my email.

email to ccfa

The very next morning I woke up to a bunch of email notifications, Facebook messages, tweets, you name it. I was like what is going on? I opened my Medium stats and boom.

I went from 18 views to 2,081 in under 24 hours

medium traffic

And if we take a look at my referrers in Medium you can see that all the traffic is coming from Facebook.

medium referrers

It just so happens that someone over at CCFA did indeed get my email and decided to share my article on their Facebook which has almost 100,000 fans on it. Facebook’s organic reach is definitely not dead yet! The FB post ended up getting 687 likes and 148 shares.

facebook viral

I got tons of Facebook messages, still trying to respond to them all and lots of mentions on Twitter. I also met a ton of new people going through the exact same thing as me as well… in other words it is relatable. Even scored an interview!

Update: Here is that interview with Digestive Wellness if anyone is interested in reading it.

That was my very first time posting on Medium and after everything died down I wound up with 3,484 views and 1,338 reads within 4 days. Not bad for first time on Medium!

medium reads

Sometimes all it takes is one email!

So the next time you write a post, give someone of authority in that space a mention at the bottom and shoot them off an email. It could make all that time you spent writing that amazing post worthwhile.

And if you are looking for some additional ways to promote your post, check out these awesome articles from Robbie and Stuart (see what I did here ☺️… hint hint)

As always feel free to leave your comments below.