How I Increased my Facebook Ads CTR by over 5% and Lowered CPC!

Increasing Facebook CTR

This post will be comprised of some of my Facebook advertising tips and how I boosted my Facebook advertising campaigns by an average of 5% and lowered my overall CPC. I have some campaigns running at an 8% CTR. This is from personal experience and hopefully it will help save you some time.

Be Smart and Use the Power Editor

I will be honest, at first I was not using the Power Editor and creating my ads in Mozilla Firefox. Don’t waste time folks, there are many things you just can’t do via the normal interface and a lot of things you can’t do fast. Launch Google Chrome and head over to

Don’t Use CPM Folks

CPM is great for advertising and promoting your brand awareness to a large audience but it can also be very expensive and you will blow through your budget pretty fast. If you are focusing on conversions and trying to get the best bang for your buck, switch it over to manual CPC. This does mean, just like AdWords, you will have to manage it and tweak it on a regular basis, but I guarantee you will have better results. Facebook will give you a suggested bid range. From my experience I would always recommend maxing out their recommended, and if you can’t go that high, pick a price in the middle of that range. After your ads run for a while, you can then look at your average CPC. I sometimes then reduce my bid down to what the average CPC is.

Use Location Targeting

Time and time again I see people not targeting locations. If you have a nation wide product then maybe this is OK. But if you offer a service locally you need to target within close range of your place of business. I would recommend 20-25 mile radius depending on what you are selling. If you are getting into Facebook advertising hopefully you should know by now where your buyers are purchasing from.

Facebook Target Locations

Use Age

This is another important piece of the puzzle… if you are selling a product to  to a young audience, then filter out the older demographic, and vice versa. There is no reason to have someone waste your money by clicking on something if they are not going to convert.

Facebook Target Age Ranges

Use Interests

Again, another incredibly useful part of your ad is the interests. Target your ads to what I like to call the “keywords” or “interests.” I will normally have between 5-7 different interests per ad campaign. This helps narrow down the audience to make sure you are targeting exactly you you want to be.

Facebook Target Interests

Target Only New Customers

This is probably one of the most important options. It is the “Target users who are not already connected to:” option. If you are trying to generate new leads and new customers, there is no reason to target people who have already liked your Facebook page and already know you. There is another option to target only those connected to you, but I would suggest splitting that up into a different campaign as you might want to budget different based on new leads, verses repeat customers.

Facebook Target New Customers

Use the “News Feed (Desktop and Mobile)” Placement

When I first started running advertising campaigns on Facebook I was running only Right-Hand column ads. This was a huge mistake. The right-hand column ads CTR is a lot lower than the News Feed ads. I would recommend focusing your efforts on News Feed (Desktop and Mobile) ads and maybe run only a few right-hand column ads or none at all. You will find that the CTR and conversion rate of the News Feed ads is about 3-5% higher.

One of the reasons the CTR is probably higher on the news feed ads is simply because you can include a large picture. For the best resolution, use 1200 x 630. Or at least 600 x 315. See the picture below as an example.

Facebook Promoted Post

Now here is an example of a right-hand column ad.

Facebook Right-Hand Column Ad

Which one would you be more likely to click on? That is what I thought. Also you can’t target mobile devices with the right-hand column ads. That is a huge audience, especially when it pertains to the audience browsing Facebook, that you don’t want to lose. So stick with News Feed ads.

Also, it is a little tricky at first, but you aren’t going to actually create an ad. You will be using the “Create new Unpublished Post” option. So it won’t be published to your Facebook page, but as you see in the picture above, it will show as a sponsored post.

Setup Conversion Tracking

If your website has a web form or shopping cart page, then I would highly suggest installing the Facebook conversion pixel so that you know and can monitor the ROI of your Facebook advertising campaign.

A/B Test Everything

You need to test variations of everything. What I normally do is create three copies of the same ad, each with the same copy but with a different picture. Run them for a week. Take the best one, then change up the copy on two of them, while running the same picture on all three. Then take the one with the best copy, etc… You get the idea. And be creative, use pictures that capture people’s attention and use good CTA’s within your copy.


If you have questions feel free to post them in the comments below and I will do my best to answer them. Also, if this post helped you please share it! Thank you.

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  1. My CPM campaigns were once running very well with a good conversion rate, but about a month ago, something changed and CPM was generating me loads of cheap traffic, but very little conversions. I switched over to manual CPC and have been experiencing a much better conversion rate. Not sure what has changed, but something has. Not sure I want to try CPM on facebook again as it just felt like junk traffic.


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