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Update: 01.24.17 – I no longer recommend InMotion. Mainly due to the fact that they refuse to keep up with the latest and greatest technology. They don’t have Let’s Encrypt, no HTTP/2 support, and the list goes on. I highly recommend Kinsta or SiteGround.

I have a lot of people asking me what WordPress host I would recommend if they are on a budget. I normally recommend managed WordPress hosting with Kinsta, but not everyone can afford them. I even have some business clients that don’t want to fork over $29+ a month just for hosting. I am a firm believer that a fast host does increase sales and conversions, but sometimes you have to work within the constraints of your budget. Until now I haven’t had a good host that I honestly felt good about referring people to, but now I do! And that is where InMotion Hosting comes into play.

InMotion Pricing

They have plans starting at $7.99 $4.19 (with my 47% discount) a month and all of them include the following:

  • Free SSDs
  • Free Domain
  • Free Backups (with super easy restoration form)
  • Unlimited Disk Space
  • Preinstalled WordPress upon Checkout
  • Free Website Transfers (no-downtime)
  • Green Data Centers
  • Google Apps Integration
  • SSH Access
  • Select your Data Center Location
  • 90-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Here is a comparison between their plans. Note: My review below is done on the “Power” plan.

inmotion pricing plans

Welcome Email

Upon checkout you will immediately get an email in which you can setup your password, etc.
inmotion registration email

Control Panel

Once you login will see the InMotion Account Management Panel, or AMP as they call it. I was pleasantly surprised with the UI, it was pretty snappy, and was very easy to navigate.

inmotion control panel

If you need help transferring your website(s) you can always use the “Website Transfer Request” which is pretty cool! Simply fill out the form and let them do the rest. This is great for people that might not know how to move their mysql databases or don’t feel comfortable doing so.

website transfer request

At some point you will need to point your DNS over to InMotion Hosting servers. To find this information simply click into “Account Technical Details.” This is where you can grab InMotion Hosting’s nameservers.

account technical details

They should be:

You can then head over to your domain registrar and update your DNS Servers. In my example I am using NameCheap.

namecheap nameservers

Installing WordPress

There are a couple ways to install WordPress. You can do it at checkout, install it manually, or use InMotion’s “Install Popular Software” program. I am using the latter. So in the Account Management Panel (AMP) I click on “Install Popular Software.”

install popular software

I then click on “Install WordPress.”

install wordpress

They then have an easy to follow WordPress installation setup. They always keep the WordPress version up to date which is nice. On other hosts sometimes I notice them falling a couple versions behind which is not acceptable or downright annoying because then you have to upgrade it immediately after installing.

install wordpress software setup

One thing I did like and appreciate from InMotion Hosting is the advanced options at the bottom. I don’t want WordPress auto-updating anything as this has caused problems for me in the past. I like to test things first, so it is nice to have the ability to turn these off.

advanced wordpress options

I had WordPress installed, DNS changed, and my website up and going in under 3 minutes with InMotion Hosting! Pretty dang impressive.

Another thing to note is by default InMotion Hosting has the dummy data file limit set to 128MB. So many times in the past I have had to ask hosts to increase this from 64MB. No need to do that with them :)

dummy data size limit

And the backend of WordPress, navigating the dashboard, is very snappy. On WP Engine I have noticed slowness sometimes on the backend.

Speed Tests

For my first test I installed MyThemeShop’s schema theme and imported the dummy data. I then ran 4-5 speed tests on both Pingdom and GTmetrix without a caching plugin installed.

Pingdom without Caching Plugin

I was pretty impressed with the 850ms time, especially for only $5.39 a month! But wait, we are about to knock that number in half.

pingdom without wp-rocket

GTmetrix without Caching Plugin

Scoring a 1.33 seconds on GTmetrix is actually very good, the page speed and YSlow grades I was assuming would improve after installing a caching plugin.

gtmetrix without wp-rocket

So I installed WordPress Cache Enabler, which is by far the best free caching plugin out there for WordPress. And I ran my speed tests again.

Pingdom with Cache Enabler

Wow, just by installing Cache Enabler I managed to knock the speed down to 482ms! This is comparable with the speeds of my more expensive managed WordPress hosts.

pingdom with wp-rocket

GTmetrix with Cache Enabler

And of course GTmetrix followed suit :) Wow, 1.01 seconds with a page speed grade of 97% and YSlow grade of 95%. Very impressed with InMotion Hosting.

gtmetrix with wp-rocket

I could probably even improve upon the speed above if I install a CDN. Make sure to check out my review on KeyCDN.


Another great feature with InMotion Hosting is their backup feature. If you ever have a problem simply login to AMP and click on the “Data Restoration Request.”

data restoration request

You can then fill out the form requesting what you want restored. It could be a file, folder, email account, or database.

data restoration


InMotion Hosting doesn’t just offer great speeds, they also have amazing support which is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Always comforting to know someone is there to help if you run into a problem.

They also have the most incredible knowledge base I have ever seen from a host. In fact I have even referenced some of their articles in my previous blog posts. It was one of their articles which finally solved my issues with slow admin-ajax.php. These guys really know the ins and outs of WordPress hosting to its core!


I was very impressed with InMotion Hosting and will now be using them for my clients that are on a budget without sacrificing speed or support. If you are looking for new affordable WordPress hosting, or maybe thinking of switching, I definitely recommend checking them out! If you use the link below you will get at least 40% off on the launch, power, and pro plans.

Grab 47% Off InMotion Hosting

As always feel free to leave your comments below, I would love to hear your thoughts.

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InMotion Hosting Review
  • Speed
  • Customer Support
  • Features Included
  • Architecture
  • Price


If you are looking for a cheaper host that has SSDs, free domain, free backups, and awesome support then look no further than InMotion Hosting. I was pleasantly surprised with them.

25 thoughts on “InMotion Hosting Review – Affordable WordPress Hosting”

  1. Your reviews are excellent, I always learn new tricks. Definitely stand above the rest by far! Thanks Brian

    • Wow, thanks Jonathan! Appreciate the feedback. I might not publish a lot of posts, but I try to make them useful when I do :) In fact today I got a special discount for InMotion applied just for my readers, so if you use the link above to purchase you will find all their plans are now 30% off! Need to update my post now to reflect that.

  2. Have to say I am a long time reader but first time commentor on your articles Brian. Always find them well written and informative with real research and experience going behind them rather than someone just playing around with something for 30 mins and giving a review.

    I do have some concerns though about this hositng review. Mainly because every other review I have read of InMotion is kind of the opposite to this one. I want a cheaper alternative to offer clients and was hoping this would be it after reading your review but slightly put off by the amount of negative reviews and comments i found elsewhere.

    Do you have clients on this platform currently Brian?

    • Awesome thanks Zane!

      I agree I had my reserves going into it as well, because like you said there are bad reviews out there. I have personally tried ASmallOrange, BlueHost, HostGator, etc… InMotion in my personal experience beats them all as far speed goes (as well as backend speed).

      I don’t have any clients on InMotion yet, however I am moving some right now. Also my new project, I am running on InMotion right now. It only has dummy data at the moment, but I am converting it into a non-profit site with t-shirts to donate proceeds to CCFA (for people with Crohns and Ulcerative like myself). So I will definitely update this review again in a month or so with how it performs long term.

      • Thanks for the reply. I might give this a go – Just worrying having so much negative press elsewhere. Also i find so many reviews these days online are promoted reviews where the author or the site cuts a deal with the software or service being ‘impartially reviewed’ its becoming harder and harder to trust opinions online haha!

        I have tried ASO and everyone at some point seems to have used HostGator. Neither are good enough in certain areas.

        Managed WP hosting is fantastic if you can afford it. Most clients would prefer the cheaper options to start with so InMotion could be a good middle ground for those who want something slightly better than bog standard hosting but do not want to pay out for WPengine, Flywheel, Kinsta etc

        • Zane if you read my blog you know me better than that :) I don’t promote products I don’t use. For example, my reviews on CallRail or Kinsta. They don’t even have affiliate programs. I make no money promoting them. I simply love their service! Every single tool in my toolbox are products I use on a daily basis.

          And I do agree with you 100%. I consider InMotion inbetween Hostgator and Managed Hosting. It’s a good middle ground.

          • Totally was not accusing your articles of being biased for this reason. I was saying its becoming harder and harder to find honest and open reviews like yours! As it goes I have just offered a couple of different hosting prices to a client including InMotion and they have chosen the price tier for InMotion so looks like I will be having some hands on experience with it next week!

            Wish me luck and keep up the fantastic site. It really is one of my Favourites!

  3. Hey Brian,

    Great review – this looks amazing. Is it really this good? And with those speeds, what is the advantage of using the expensive host you use? Is it the few milliseconds of speed difference?

    If I wanted to have some ancillary websites, for specific product niches (like you do) and would expect 50-100 visitors a day, is Inmotion powerful enough to handle it?

    Lastly, what’s their weak point? As I began reading, I thought you would conclude that slowness would be a factor but those tests you ran are impressive for 5-6/mo!

    PS did you ignore this first commenter because his data was wrong?

    Always appreciate your work,

    • Hey Chris! To be honest, it really is that good. I haven’t found a single fault yet. The host I use (Kinsta) is a managed host, so it is a little different. For example, if my sites get attacked or anything they will fix it for me. With shared hosts they might help you, but they aren’t responsible. Also yes, Kinsta is slightly faster still and you don’t have to run a caching plugin. But we are talking differences in the ms range. I pay the high price in case something goes wrong… kind of like insurance lol.

      For niche sites, I would say go for it on InMotion. If you check out my comment below to Zane, you will see I am actually running my new project on InMotion too :)

      PS. Just a little behind, responded to him.


      • just amazing that many sites, with email for that price with good speed. I need to revamp my entire online set up! Also like you, I do not have my domain name at my host site. I will look through your site to see if you did a review of godaddy vs the one you use and others. thanks again!

        • I have used GoDaddy in the past only because clients had GoDaddy hosting that I was working with. I’ll be honest, I hated it. FTP kept timing out (they put low limits on transfers) and their speeds were not great. Also backend speed in WordPress itself on GoDaddy was slow. Personally I wouldn’t recommend GoDaddy to anyone. The only 3 hosts I personally recommend right now are InMotion Hosting, WP Engine, and Kinsta.

          • I hear you – I use them as a domain host only but it seems there are better options there too. if you’re using inMotion for example, do you have them host the domain address and the website? or do you like to separate the two?

          • Oh for domains I have all of mine at Namecheap. Have for the past 10+ years. It’s been so long ago I don’t remember why I started with Namecheap… but haven’t had a single issue ever. They have 2 factor authentication now, which I think Godaddy has as well. That is one thing I highly recommend setting up if you haven’t. Nothing worse than somebody hijacking your domain account. I have an article on that:

  4. I had my website on their VPS server. Their prices are really competitive and between popular hosting companies, I don’t think any of them could compete with their prices, specially they gave me a discount for the first period. but I would say this is the half story and their support complete the other half. They are really supportive and responsive and 99% of the time solve your problem and if online support can’t, they refer you to the tier 2 … I recently moved to Advanced dedicated plan and I will write my opinion after using it.

  5. how much traffic the pro plan can handle for word press based website.Can you provide me an avg no.I am facing lots of issue with hostgator.

    • From personal tests and experience I would say you would be fine up to 50,000 visitors per month or so… after that you should probably think about getting a VPS. I have always been very impressed with out InMotion held up against other hosts. These guys are very solid.

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  7. As you know Brian I signed up with them per your recommendation. After getting the transfer etc everything is running smoothly and I’d say 4 out of 5 times I called service they were super helpful. I have the pro plan and with their hosting plus your enhancements, my site speed is pretty good as we’ve discussed.

  8. I must say, you did a great job reviewing this. InMotion looks amazing. Have you experience any downtime or trouble with them?

    • Thanks Nick! I haven’t had any downtime with them at all, and their support techs know more than most. For a cheap/budget host, they are pretty top notch.

  9. Great information. Could you please suggest if I can move my Website which is hosted on Bluehost to IMHosting without any downtime?

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