Make Sure To Change Your Permalinks For SEO Friendly URLs

WordPress Permalinks

If you are running WordPress, the default permalink setting for URLs is not very SEO friendly. I highly recommend changing them from the default to ensure easier rankings. Don’t make life harder on yourself.

By default when you install WordPress, the permalinks are set

WordPress Default Permalinks

Step 1

This is assuming you have just installed WordPress. If you already have a high traffic website or blog, I recommend reading this article by my good friend Harsh, How to Change WordPress Permalink With 301 Permalink Redirection. Changing your permalinks on a site that is already established can be harmful if not done the right way.

In WordPress, go to Settings and click on “Permalinks.”

wordpress settings permalinks

Step 2

The best format for SEO friendly URLs is “Post name.” This will make your URLs look like  This will allow you to have a keyword within your URL as well to help you rank. So check “Post name” and click on “Save Changes.”

wordpress post name permalinks

This will update any existing URLs to that format and also any future pages/posts you create.

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3 thoughts on “Make Sure To Change Your Permalinks For SEO Friendly URLs”

  1. thanks for the tip since many of the new beginners would have wondere as to why the URL isnt user friendly

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