Strategically Reposting Old Content To Maximize Traffic and Opportunities

Reposting – Re-sharing Old Content

I get asked this question a lot. Should I repost or re-share old content out over social media? The short answer is by all means YES. However, you want to be strategic about this. Don’t go spamming Twitter and Facebook with your blog post every day as that will simply result in you losing your followers/audience.

No matter how well you choose the times for your blog posts to go out, whether it be early morning or evening, not everyone will ever see your post. You will catch those that happen to be glancing at Twitter, that happen to be browsing Facebook, and that either follow your blog and or are subscribed to your newsletter.

What I recommend is to take your old content, refresh and or update it if it no longer applies and repost it out over social media maybe 3 times every couple months. This way a larger audience will see your post. I use buffer to schedule everything.

I only use this strategy on my evergreen content so it stays relevant for the reader.

Proof is in the Pudding

I just recently shared our “Adding Keywords to Raven Tools Ranking in Bulk” article out over social media again (not even updating it as everything in the article still applies).  And guess what? This resulted in 2 RTs, 2 Favorites, 13 new followers on Twitter, and a guest invitation from Raven Tools to write a guest blog post. When I first published this article on September 28th, it wasn’t very popular. So as you can see, the 2nd time around, simply taking a few minutes to repost it over social media can be very effective and in fact open up new opportunities.

proof is in the pudding

Don’t miss out on extra traffic, growing your audience, and great opportunities by not strategically reposting/resharing your content. If you pour your heart and soul into an article, by all means people will want to read it! Help them see it. The saying that always comes to mind is “work smarter, not harder…”

Here are a few great 3rd party posts that talk about Evergreen content. As always feel free to leave your comments below.

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