5 Best WordPress Theme Frameworks

Best WordPress Theme Framework

A jolly good fellow asked the question, “What is your go to framework/theme to accomplish full mobile responsiveness?”, on the advanced WordPress Facebook group. This question sparked a lot of quality replies from “advanced WordPress users”. Who better to enlighten us on the best theme frameworks for WordPress theme development than the people who use these frameworks … Read more

7 Awesome WordPress Review Themes

best wordpress review themes

Are you looking to create a review website like CNET on WordPress? Who can blame you, reviews remain one of the most reliable methods of evaluating a product or service before buying the product. It involves asking someone who has used the product in the past or is currently using the product about their personal experience with … Read more

The Best Social Media Plugins For WordPress

The Best Social Media Plugins For WordPress

Social media has become a very important and vital element for all kinds of online marketing strategies. Brands, small businesses and even bloggers now recognize the need for social engagement. This is why we find social media share buttons on almost all online platforms; apps, mobile games, blogs, eCommerce sites and almost every other platform you can think of. As a … Read more

5 Powerful WordPress Plugins For Affiliate Marketers

wordpress affiliate marketing plugins

What is Affiliate Marketing? Affiliate Marketing involves a partnership between an advertiser and a publisher. The publisher is paid a commission for referring a customer who makes a purchase. The referral from the publisher is identified by the advertiser through a unique link known as an affiliate’s tracking link. Popular Terms Used In Affiliate Marketing Publisher “A publisher … Read more