How to Clear LinkedIn Cache for Link Preview

When you do internet marketing on a daily basis, you have to learn little tricks to speed things up. Nobody is patient anymore in 2017, and frankly neither am I lol. I can’t wait around for things to update, I am already multitasking non-stop. I recently updated an older post with some fresh content and went to share it on LinkedIn. Not to my surprise the old information and thumbnail showed up. Check out these quick instructions below on how to clear LinkedIn cache and refresh your link preview.

Clear LinkedIn Cache

I have previously written how to clear Facebook cache, as well as Twitter cache. The same kind of thing happens with LinkedIn. If you share an older post or page it will grab the Open Graph tags to display the image and meta information. The problem is LinkedIn probably has your old tags cached on its system. So you need a way to refresh it.

Below is an example of a post I recently shared on LinkedIn. You can see it pulled the thumbnail and description, but this was the old information.

To fix this you simply need to add a query string to the end of the URL. For example, I changed the following:


It doesn’t matter what it is, and in fact the URL above will still work. This will then update the post information as LinkedIn can’t cache query strings. You can in fact then actually remove the query string, leaving your original URL, as LinkedIn will then have the up to date Open Graph tags. You can see below the new information that was now pulled from the same URL.

And that’s it! You have now cleared LinkedIn cache and your link preview should now be grabbing your most recent information. Just another little trick to add to your internet marketing toolbox. If this post was helpful, let me know below and share.


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