WPHostingSpot Review – Best Managed WordPress Hosting

As most of you know I am pretty obsessed with web performance and am always looking for new ways to improve my sites. I am excited today to share with you my WPHostingSpot review. They are so great that I now host woorkup.com and all my other sites with them! The speed, support, and flexibility has been beyond incredible. If you are looking for the best managed WordPress hosting, I can’t give currently give any better recommendations then to simply move your sites to WPHostingSpot now.

woorkup.com loads in under 400ms with WPHostingSpot!

WPHostingSpot Review – Best Managed WordPress Hosting

So WPHostingSpot takes the best of both worlds. They let you choose a VPS from Digital Ocean, Linode, or Vultr and then add managed support on top of it. This in my opinion is better than using a service like ServerPilot (which still is awesome) because even with ServerPilot if something breaks or goes down on your VPS nobody is responsible but you. With this service from WPHostingSpot, you have managed support.

digital ocean linode vultr

I have always been a supporter of managed WordPress hosts because I don’t mind paying a little extra so that I can sleep at night knowing that I don’t have to worry about my sites going down. My time is better invested in spending time writing, then spending time troubleshooting server issues. I used to run a small web hosting company which I sold back in College, and trust me, there are a lot of things that can go wrong.

About WPHostingSpot

WPHostingSpot focuses entirely on web performance, speed and kickass support. And they walk the talk. It is crazy how many web hosts I see advertising fast speeds and yet their own sites take over 2 seconds to load. Some of this is due to heavy 3rd party advertising pixels and server locations, but still. Shouldn’t a managed web host site’s speed be an advertising tool in itself? Yes it should.

Here is a test of WPHostingSpot in which you can see it loads in under 800ms.

webhostingspot speed test

Here is a test of WP engine loading at 2.60s.

wpengine speed test

Here is a test of Flywheel loading in 2.54s.

flywheel speed test

WPHostingSpot’s website loads 3x faster! Read more below to figure out just how this is possible.

WPHostingSpot Features


WPHostingSpot uses Nginx on all of it’s servers, whether you choose Digital Ocean, Linode, or Vultr. This is far faster and more stable than Apache servers. If you are looking for WordPress hosting, please pick someone that is using Nginx! You won’t regret it.



Everything from WPHostingSpot supports HTTP/2. This is by far one reason why they are currently a step ahead of other providers, who also operate on a similiar model but don’t support HTTP/2 yet. HTTP/2 is a protocol update to HTTP/1.1 which works when you are running over HTTPS. Benefits of HTTP/2 include:

  • HPACK compression and Huffman encoding which decreases the size of your headers by over 30%.
  • It is fully multiplexed, instead of ordered and blocking.
  • It can use one connection for parallelism.
  • It allows servers to “push” responses proactively into client caches instead of waiting for a new request for each resource.

To put it simple, websites running over HTTPS on servers that support HTTP/2 will load faster guaranteed!

Let’s Encrypt

Not running over HTTPS yet? And want that those HTTP/2 performance benefits mentioned above? Well, WPHostingSpot supports Let’s Encrypt which means you can get a free SSL certificate (domain validated) on all of your websites! free ssl let's encrypt

And WPHostingSpot will do this for you, there is nothing needed from you to configure. You have no excuse not to migrate to HTTPS. Here are the benefits of moving to HTTPS:

  1. Take advantage of HTTP/2 and performance benefits
  2. SEO and rankings: HTTPS is a Google ranking factor. That is why I all of my sites run over HTTPs.
  3. Better referral data from Google Analytics
  4. Data and logins are all secure (no plain text being passed on the server)
  5. SSL builds trust and credibility


All servers from WPHostingSpot are running PHP7 which has shown definite speed increases over that of PHP5.6. I recommend checking out this infographic on 5 things you must know about PHP7.

src: cowburn

PHP 7 is based on the PHPNG project (PHP Next-Gen), that was led by Zend to speed up PHP applications. The performance gains realized from PHP 7 are huge! They vary between 25% and 70% on real-world apps, and all of that just from upgrading PHP, without having to change a single line of code!

Since PHPNG was open sourced and later merged into PHP 7, its performance more than doubled in many cases, and we’re continuing to improve it all the time. To put things in perspective – when PHPNG was published, the WordPress homepage required approx. 9.4 billion CPU instructions to execute.  As of now – it requires only 2.6 billion – that’s 72% less!


MariaDB has been shown time and time again to be one the fastest databases to host WordPress on. All of WPHostingSpot servers utilize MariaDB. It is a enhanced, drop-in replacement for MySQL. It is robust and is very reliable.


Check out this great post on 10 reasons to migrate to MariaDB. Seravo saw a 5% performance improvement vs MySQL.

CDN Included for Free!

WPHostingSpot includes KeyCDN free of charge to its clients without any bandwidth restrictions! As you know a content delivery network can drastically speed up your assets around the globe. KeyCDN has over 25 POPs, supports HTTP/2 and HPACK Compression.


They also offer a Cloudflare w/ Railgun option, but I personally recommend going with KeyCDN. This is who I use on all of my sites.

Site Staging

WPHostingSpot allows you to move your site to their own staging server so you are free to work on it long as you like, and when your done, they port your staging site back over to your live site.

4x Daily Backups

WPHostingSpot provides automated backups which are conducted every 6 hours daily and are housed on Amazon S3 external backup system. Backups of your wp-content directory and your database are kept for the entire life of your account. They keep them all! You need a back up from last year? No problem! Backups are never deleted as long as your a client of theirs.

They also provide a backup system in the VM Control Panel so that you can keep your own backups to external places like Dropbox. You can keep as many as you like for as long as you want. Backup every hour? Sure! Backup a single file, directory, theme, plugin or a single database table? Absolutely! This is good in case your working on something such as a theme or plugin modification and want to backup your theme in case of a disaster. With a single click, you can revert your changes back to it’s original state.

Free Site Migrations

Matt from WPHostingSpot, who is amazing by the way, migrated all of my 8 sites over within 24 hours. This was by far the easiest migration to a new web host that I have ever had. Most hosts will only include a couple free site migrations. That is not the case with WPHostingSpot! They want to help you migrate and are there with you every step of the way. All I had to do was create a WordPress user for him on my current site and he handled the rest of the migration from there. Then I just updated my DNS and that was it.  I probably spent a total of 20 minutes migrating all my sites. Crazy awesome!

Developer Tools

If you are a developer you can rest assured that you have access to SSH, SFTP, and phpMyAdmin. You can even develop and update your WordPress sites with .Git/SVN and WP-CLI from the command line. This managed WordPress host is very developer friendly!

Uptime Monitoring

WPHostingSpot monitors your websites uptime with 1 minute pings to ensure your sites are up at all times. They also monitor your VPS to make sure everything is up-to date and running like a well-oiled machine.


The support from WPHostingSpot has been beyond incredible, from migration to custom configs. They have chat on their website, wphostingspot.com. If you are curious about migrating, feel free to hit them up and ask anytime. I had a custom setup for one of my old domains on which I needed a universal 301 setup. And I didn’t want to install a whole WordPress site just for that. WPHostingSpot made a custom Nginx config for me so that the 301 would work.

Also Matt from WPHostingSpot knows his stuff! He is a joy to talk to and wants your site to load as fast as possible. I love a host that cares so much about web performance. He even gave me some advice on further steps I could take. They go above and beyond the normal support a host normally gives.

managed wordpress support

WPHostingSpot Pricing

WPHostingSpot technically offers 15 different plans because they have 5 plans from each VPS provider, Digital Ocean, Linode, and Vultr. I recommend going with Linode or Vultr. Here are some of the plans below. If you compare them to a host like WP Engine the prices are very good for a managed WP host! You can pick from any of the server locations offered from the VPS provider, such as Dallas TX, Frankfurt Germany, etc.

Vultr 768 – $20 per month

– 1 CPU
– 768MB Ram
– 15GB SSD Space
– 1TB Bandwidth
– 1 WP Site

Vultr 1024 – $35 per month

– 1 CPU
– 1024MB Ram
– 20GB SSD Space
– 2TB Bandwidth
– 3 WP Sites

Vultr 2048 – $75 per month

– 2 CPUs
– 2048MB Ram
– 45GB SSD Space
– 3TB Bandwidth
– 5 WP Sites

Vultr 4096 – $105 per month

– 4 CPUs
– 4096MB Ram
– 90GB SSD Space
– 4TB Bandwidth
– 10 WP Sites

Linode 1024 – $35 per month

– 1 CPU
– 2048MB Ram
– 24GB SSD Space
– 2TB Bandwidth
– 3 WP Sites

Linode 2048 – $75 per month

– 2 CPUs
– 4096MB Ram
– 48GB SSD Space
– 3TB Bandwidth
– 5 WP Sites

Linode 4096 – $105 per month

– 4 CPUs
– 8192MB Ram
– 96GB SSD Space
– 4TB Bandwidth
– 10 WP Sites

Linode 8192 – $265 per month

– 6 CPUs
– 12288MB Ram
– 192GB SSD Space
– 8TB Bandwidth
– 20 WP Sites

They also offer bigger plans as well. Make sure to check their site for the up to date prices.

Current woorkup.com Setup

So I know you are probably curious about my current setup on woorkup.com. So like I said above, woorkup.com is now hosted on a Linode plan with WPHostingSpot. Here is a speed test I just ran to show you just how fast it performs!

wphostingspot test - best managed wordpress hosting
src: Pingdom

And here is another one of my sites that has a fresh WP install on it.

fresh wordpress site speed
src: Pingdom

Besides WPHostingSpot’s blazing speeds, there are a couple other things I am doing to achieve these awesome speeds.

  • I have KeyCDN up and running to deliver assets faster around the globe (included with WPHostingSpot!)
  • I use the free WordPress Cache Enabler plugin for caching and delivering WebP files combined with Optimus plugin
  • I use the lazy load Disqus plugin to minimize HTTP requests
  • I use the Gonzalez plugin to disable scripts on a per page/post basis

I highly recommend the Cache Enabler plugin. Here is a recent tweet from a WPHostingSpot customer that saw a 1 second decrease in load time just by using it. And did I mention it’s free!


I am actually currently writing an eBook about WordPress web performance which I think a lot of you will love. It is going to feature more in-depth on exactly how to achieve these speeds with a step by step layout.


As you know I only pick the best. I wouldn’t have migrated all my sites if I didn’t fully stand behind WPHostingSpot and what they are doing. If you are looking for the best managed WordPress hosting, then I urge you to try out WPHostingSpot. They have the best web performance stack. For those that don’t know much about the technical side of things, this is a great host to get all the “nerdy” features without having to know anything about managing a server.

Visit WebHostingSpot

Hopefully this WPHostingSpot review was helpful. Have any questions about them? Ask me below and I will do my best to answer them.

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Best Managed WordPress Hosting
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If you are looking for the best managed WordPress hosting, then look no further than WPHostingSpot. Nginx, HTTP/2, Free SSL, PHP7, MariaDB, and more! Brag to your friends about how fast your website is.

Brian Jackson

Co-founder at forgemedia. Blogger and entrepreneur obsessed with SEO, marketing, and web performance. Connect on Twitter @brianleejackson.

29 thoughts on “WPHostingSpot Review – Best Managed WordPress Hosting”

  1. Brian, Thank you so much for this wonderful review! I’m very glad that you have given us the opportunity to manage your sites and VPS! It is my pleasure!

    There are a couple things you may of gotten confused on which I’ll point out here. In the past, we use to use WP Stage Couch for staging but with several issues that we had with their system, we discontinued it. We now move your site for you to our own staging server so you are free to work as long as you like on whatever you need to work on and when your done, we port your stage site back over to your live site. We have nothing against WP Stage Couch and liked them very much. They are a great service but we just had to do something a bit more reliable to co-operate with our systems and all client accounts.

    We do backup your entire site + database every 6 hours and backups are kept for the life of your account, We keep them ALL. You need a back up from last year? No problem! Backups are never deleted as long as your a client of ours.

    The backup system in the VM Control Panel is for our clients to keep their own backups to their own external backup locations such as a private backup VPS or to a dropbox account and those backups can be configured anyway you choose to do so. You can keep as many as you like for as long as you want. Backup every hour? Sure! Backup a single file, directory, theme, plugin or a single database table? Absolutely! This is good in case your working on something such as a theme or plugin modification and want to backup your theme in case of a disaster. With a single click, you can revert your changes back to it’s original state.

    One other thing to note; We do offer KeyCDN free of charge for our clients without any bandwidth restrictions. We offer both Cloudflare w/ Railgun and KeyCDN. KeyCDN is a personal choice just because of how awesome they are at what they do but some clients have great success with Cloudflare w/ railgun or combine them both for even more speed.

    Brian, I so appreciate this review and I personally welcome you to a small humble family my friend!

    • Hey thanks for stopping by. No control panel. Which at first I thought was a little weird, but actually realized that I never used control panel with my other hosts anyways. Just like most other managed WP hosts, emails aren’t included.

    • Hey LiewCF! Did you sign up for them or go direct with Linode? :)

      And Brian! I just signed up as well. Tired of my sites taking 6-7 seconds to load

      • Awesome! Ya, all my 10 sites are hosted with WPHostingSpot, Linode option. Couldn’t be happier. Matt at wphostingspot is a joy to work with and my sites have never been faster. You are going to love it!

    • I needed a little control over my VPS to be able to use Cache Enabler + Optimus so I can get WebP images :) Means my site is even faster and smaller in size now. Also, with Kinsta moving to Google Cloud, there data center is in Iowa which is not ideal for me. After running speed tests for 5+ years all my articles revolve around Dallas TX datacenter :) It was just a bunch of little things that kept adding up. Kinsta is still an awesome host, and I was with them for over 2 years.

  2. Very nice review!
    I know this Hosting, I read more times Matt on Web Hosting Talk forum, and he seems a very expert and professional guy. WPHosting Spot use the best technology possible, Nginx, PHP 7, MariaDB, and now, also the the partnership with Linode, DO and Vultr.
    Some questions, please:
    1) Where has datacenter Linode, DO and Vultr? Is possible choose from different locations?
    2) For a target in Europe, which Provider do you advice?

    • Thanks Alessandro. Ya Matt is a great guy!

      1) You can pick from pretty much any location that is available directly from Linode, DO or Vultr. As long as they aren’t out of stock. You can choose location when checking out on WPHostingSpot site.
      2) I’m probably not the best to advise on European location as mine is in Dallas because I am in the US. If I was in Europe though I would probably pick something in Germany area. Make sure to check in Analytics where your visitors are coming from and make a decision based on that.

  3. Brain, what happened to Kinsta? I was almost making my mind to shift Kinsta after reading your review. But now I’m seeing that you are on different host.
    Any reasons? no offence against anyone here. Just you experience and opinion only- thanks

    • Hey Dinesh! Kinsta is still a great host. I was with them for over 2 years. The only reason I switched was because I wanted a little more control. I wanted to use Cache Enabler plugin with WebP switching. And also, Google Cloud, which powers Kinsta doesn’t have a Dalla datacenter. Since I write a lot of tutorials, I prefer to always be speed testing from the same locations. Google cloud has their US central location in Iowa, which is probably better placed, but just a strange place :)

      I still recommend Kinsta to clients, but WebHostingSpot definitely gives you a little more control.

  4. As always, awesome review. Thank you for taking the time to write this up. Finding really good hosting that fits your needs always seems to be an elusive endeavor. I’m looking forward to checking out WPHostingSpot.

    • Np Jules! Ya the web hosting space is always a fun one. Let me know if you have any questions about WPHostingSpot. They are great! I couldn’t be happier with my speeds.

  5. Nice writeup. Could you just clarify one thing- does the monthly charge include Vultr/Linode hosting, or is it on top of what you pay to those hosts?

    • Hey James. I will update the post to make sure there isn’t any doubts. Yes, the prices include hosting. You pick the provider you want and then you get managed hosting support on top of it :) In my opinion it’s the best of both worlds.

  6. Couldn’t agree more, we moved to WPHostingSpot recently and both the site speed and the customer service are faultless.

    • I was with Kinsta for over a year and they are awesome. They have great speeds and a great team. However, I ran into some limitations and have since migrated all my sites to WPHostingSpot. This is who I am recommending now after seeing the amazing speed and great support.

  7. Hi

    I am Danish Ashrafi, WordPress Community Manager at Cloudways.

    We always listen to our customers and welcome all feedback. Yes, it does take us a bit of time to act on certain feedbacks, but rest assure, we take care of every positive suggestion.

    Recently, Cloudways has successfully migrated to Cloudways 2.0, powered by ultra-fast Debian 8. The new platform features an exciting new interface with very user-friendly design. Other features include free SSL certificates including Let’s Encrypt certification, Varnish cache support, and best of all, support for the all-new PHP7.

    We are working forward to integrating HTTP2 to Cloudways platform and hopefully, our customers would be able to benefit from the integration by the end of this year.

    Thank you for your input and a very important suggestion for the Cloudways platform.

    Danish Ashrafi
    WordPress Community Manager

  8. Today Morning i check your all website’s Now all are hosted in Kinsta hosting why you Move From Wphostingspot? Any reason?

    • I am actually joining the team over at Kinsta here shortly. I still highly recommend WPHostingSpot for mid tier host. They are great. I have nothing but praise for them.

  9. Brian, I was just going to signup today when i found out that Matt has sold WPHostingSpot (in July) & now there are new owners.

    Is the new team keeping the same high standards? Updates on social media have stopped since Matt left and I can find no new reviews post his leaving. Would be awesome if you have any updates.

    • Hey Amit! I have personally spoken with the new owners multiple times and they are very knowledgeable and plan on keeping the same branding, etc. moving forward. They believe in the same webstack that Matt did. You can feel rest assured that WPHostingSpot is in good hands.

      I will try to update this post with that later today. Thanks

      • Good to know that. I came to your site to check about them as they had offered me a discount code “woorkup” when I had interacted with them on chat :)


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