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Glip – The Best Team Collaboration Software on the Market

We were looking for good team collaboration tool here for OKay Marketing. We are a smaller team, but still needed something to be able to get conversation going, upload files, video chat, and keep track of tasks. Glip is a new startup and in my opinion is the best solution for small teams right now on the market! Read the review below to see why we use Glip on a daily basis.

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Test Trials of Collaboration Software

My first task was researching and going through trials of every collaboration software I could fine… Here are a few that I tried:

  • Producteev
  • Basecamp + Campfire
  • Asana
  • Hitask
  • GetFlow
  • Redbooth (formerly Teambox)
  • Mavenlink

None of these above had all the features we needed. Producteev probably came the closest and it is completely free, however it doesn’t have video chat, and conversations just don’t work very well. I have used SharePoint online and Jira before in the past as well and they are too clunky and require too many clicks. We wanted something simple, with a nice UI, and fast. I was getting frustrated after hours of searching and going through endless trials. I just couldn’t believe in 2014 there still wasn’t a good basic collaboration tool out there. And then I stumbled upon Glip, and I knew that I had found what we needed.

Glip Video

Glip Features

People Section

Glip People

The first section is the “People” area. This is where you can add people from your company. All you do is enter in their name and it will send off an invite. You can also allow people with your to simply join. One nice thing about Glip is that it includes “presence” so you can see if a person is online or not.

Glip Add People

If you click on a person’s name on the left hand side you will enter into a private conversation with that person. You have the ability to:

  • Send a chat message
  • Start a Video Chat (sponsored and powered by  Zoom. It works flawlessly and even allows you to invite others to your meeting and share your screen )
  • Create a new event
  • Create a new Task
  • Upload a Link (another nice thing is it pulls the favicons and meta previews just like Facebook when you share links)
  • Create a New Note (gives you a WYSIWYG editor)
  • Upload a File (As of January 24, 2014 they now have integration with Dropbox and Google Drive)

Glip Chat

Below is a what the right hand side looks like. It includes a picture of the member you are currently chatting with and then it builds up a repository of links, notes, and files you have shared between the two of you.

Glip Right Hand Side

Team Section

Glip Teams

The team section works the same way as the people section. We use this to keep track of each client. It appears Glip is actually going to implement “Projects” as well. But for now this works great for us. We can have separate conversations, link, notes, comments, etc… all under the separate client groups.

You can also mark your own team (company) as a favorite so that it will appear at the top, as most likely you will be communicating with everyone in your team the most within this one group. If your team is bigger, you can also mark people as favorites too.

Glip Favorites

Group Section

Glip Groups

The group section is for chatting with three or more people. You can create ad-hoc conversations with a simple click.

Glip Conversations

Task Section

Glip Tasks

The task section has a lot of filters build into it which is great for seeing exactly what you need to. And then in the main content window, there is an easy list of your tasks with another filter window.

Glip All Tasks

Links Section

Glip Links

The links section is similar to the task section in which there are a lot of great filters available. In the main content window is a simple list of all your links, with their favicons.

Glip View Links

Notes Section

Glip Notes

The notes section again, great filters and an easy to view main content window with your list of notes.

Glip Notes Window

If you edit a note, this is what the WYSIWYG editor looks like.

Glip WYSIWYG Editor

Files Section

Glip Files

The files section again works like the others with filters. The main content window shows a nice preview if it is an image as well as word document, PDF, etc..

Glip My Files


They have made searching Glip a dream come true. The search is very fast and goes through every type of content, links, chats, tasks, notes, etc.

Search Glip

Right Click To Gain More Control

You gain more control in Glip by the ability to right click items and quickly select different actions and color code items.


Dropbox + Google Drive Integration

This was a great feature that Glip just recently added. You can now hookup your Dropbox and Google Drive accounts and share directly from within them. It doesn’t actually upload the file to Glip, but rather it simply allows you to browse your files and then it lets you share the link.

Glip Share Files

Google+ Hangout Integration (released 08.24.14)

Google Hangouts

Glip now supports integration with Google+ Hangouts. They already have a partnership with Zoom which works great, but my team still uses Google+. Now you can start Google+ hangouts right from within any conversation!

glip start hangout

Once you start your hangout it displays a link for your team to join.

join the hangout

See Why Creative Teams Choose Glip

Additional Features

There are many other great features that Glip offers.

  • Dashboard screen with calendar and short preview of every section all on one page.
  • Ability to enable/disable email notifications
  • Ability to change the notification sound when you get a new message
  • iPhone and Android Mobile Apps
  • Adobe Air desktop notifier

You can see other suggestions on their Zendesk page. I personally think this software is already great and am excited to see how it grows over the years.

If you are looking for a good collaboration tool then I highly recommend giving Glip a trial run! At $5 a month per user it pays for itself with all the time you save. Task management and collaboration should be easy so you can focus your time on the real work, and that is what Glip provides.

Check out Glip

  • User Interface
  • Speed
  • Price
  • Features
  • Update Frequency


If you are looking for a new task management and productivity tool, then look no further than Glip! From video meetings, chatting with your team, creating and managing tasks, sharing images, and much more. This tool will definitely take your team to the next level.

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17 thoughts on “Best Team Collaboration and Task Management Software”

    • I Tia. Thanks for your comment. This is just our review on it and more for a small team. I have used Basecamp many times and don’t personally like how they have things setup. To compare to Glip with real time chat, video conferencing, and file sharing you would also have to get Campfire. And they limit project numbers unless you want to get into the $65 a month range. I have used MS Project before too but just like SharePoint, it is a little clunky. I haven’t used Proofhub before, but for small teams with low overhead, their pricing is a little steep. Just by looking at Proofhub for a bit though it does look like a great tool!

  1. Hi Brian, Thanks for your vote on the best team collaboration and task management software. Glip sounds good, “friendly” even. My vote however would go for It’s been so good for us. As you know there are a lot to choose from and luckily we were recommended by someone who was already using Dooster. Just thought you might be interested in another opinion. Thanks for your review.

    • Thank you for your comment Evie! Dooster does look like a great product. One of the biggest advantages for us in Glip is the collaboration in real-time. You can chat on any screen. Our team chats between individuals and in groups all the time to get things done more efficiently. It actually results in us creating less tasks and sending less emails because we can simply ask our coworker right then and there. This has greatly improved our efficiency.

    • Thanks for the comment John! Watched the video. Love how “The Office” team is used for the demo :) Clever. Looks like a great little product.

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  3. How could you have not stumbled upon Slack or Hipchat when you were on your epic search for “…every collaboration software I could find…”?

    • Hi Gregg! Thanks for your comment! I actually have used both HipChat and Slack before… I actually love Slack’s interface. But both of those are lacking when it comes to tasks. Yes you can integrate a 3rd party integration, but with Glip you have it all included. I was focusing on collaboration tools with task management included.

  4. We are switching to Glip from Todoist. Before Todoist I had used Wunderlist and before that Producteev and before that Remember the Milk. Wunderlist is good for small amounts of tasks but I got overwhelmed by not easily being able to see projects. I do think Producteev has really good project management. Every time before I tried another task manager I tried to go back to RTM but its just not that good of a project management task manager and when you get a lot of projects going its just too complicated. Also tried Trello and another 6 or so task management apps. Was with Todoist for quite awhile but had a situation with lost tasks after a very long productive meeting and became super paranoid about losing tasks after that. So I feel you on your “epic search” – I was searching right along with you. So now we’re on Glip.

    LOVE the image commenting. That feature was one of the main reasons. I build websites and this is such an awesome feature when you’re working with designers and clients. But the big reason is that the designers can have separate conversations with their clients and then they can quickly move the approved designs over to me to develop. Its amazing how much quicker the process has become.

    They haven’t been around as long as Todoist and Producteev so I do feel like they are missing some features, but I think they’ll be coming. Their integrations are really good and we integrate with Harvest ( for billing and keeping track of time on projects and that has been a big eye opener and allowing us to charge more accurately. And of course Evernote & Google Drive & DropBox (some designers like Drive, some DropBox so its nice to have both).

    • Wow now that’s a comment Wendy :)

      Ya my team loves Glip. We use it every day all day long. I probably crank out 200+ tasks a week right now in it. Version 2.0 of Glip is coming very soon in which they will have repeating tasks, copying tasks between projects, etc. Going to be awesome!

      I like the MailChimp integration. Nice way to see live signups to your list right as they happen. Like you said, the image commenting is also super awesome. Our designer loves that feature because the team can comment on his mockups.

      Thanks again for your comment. Glad you found Glip.

      • You’re welcome for the comment. Thanks for the write up on it. I’m super excited for 2.0, too!

        Another feature they have that I find super useful that I forgot to mention is how you can add a task straight from a conversation thread. And of course the @mentions! Can’t believe how quick it makes it and how you can stay right in the team and address so much without having to navigate away.

        Haven’t had a need yet for the MailChimp integration, but I can see how that’ll be useful.

  5. Hey Brian,

    Always fun to see you had reviewed a product I was trying out. Small world :)

    I’m surprised that RedBooth is not listed higher.

    I have (also) tried tens of various project management tools and RedBooth is the one we have been using in the last 3 months. It’s absolutely great for our marketing team.

    I don’t get the same feeling with Glip though. I feel the comment section is lackluster and everything is relying on the “project conversation”.

    I found Glip because I’m looking for something to manage developers, but think I’ll just go with RedBooth for that side of White Shark Media too.

    Any thoughts on why you have Glip in front of Redbooth (granted you take the image annotation away – which is very cool)?

    Best, Andrew

    • Oh hey Andrew :) Ya small world. My list in the review isn’t in any order. If I wasn’t on Glip I would be on Redbooth.

      Here is my honest opinion with Redbooth. It takes way to many clicks to do what I want. In Glip I can type /t and it will start creating a task. Or I can type /note and it will start a new note. I also didn’t like how Redbooth presented the tasks. I crank out about 200-250+ tasks per week (and no I’m not kidding, but I am crazy lol). In Redbooth they way they display the tasks takes up way to much space. I like how Glip keeps everything very simplistic so I can quickly see everything on one page. I also thought Redbooth was very clunky feeling (not smooth or fast).

      And yes the image annotation is actually a pretty big one for my team. Our graphic designer will post up his latest infographic mockup, and then our content editor and social media person will make tips and corrections right on top of the infographic. Then our graphic designer simply fixes them. Pretty slick! All graphic mockups are done without a single email or attachment.

      Also I really like the integration with MailChimp. Such a simple thing but I can see as signups happen to my lists for each client in real-time.

      I think between myself and our web developer we are probably cranking out more tasks than most and so having a more simplistic view works better. Yes Glip does rely a lot on project conversation, but that is another reason I like it. Some of our team works remotely and its a great way to keep them in the loop in my opinion.

      Hopefully that helps a little. Both Redbooth and Glip are great tools! No more of this email crap :)

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