How to Migrate Disqus Comments to HTTPS

migrate disqus comments to https

I just migrated over to HTTPS and it now benefits from HTTP/2 performance and the slight SEO ranking factor from Google. I wrote a complete guide on how to migrate from HTTP to HTTPS that you should definitely check out. I have used this myself 30+ times now and works great. There is one … Read more

How to Point MX Records to Bluehost

bluehost mx records

We will be the first to admit it that we are not a fan of Bluehost web hosting and you won’t see us recommending them. It is owned by EIG which owns a bunch of other web hosting companies. See the full list of all the brands and hosting companies EIG owns. However, we do … Read more

How To Fix Error Establishing a Database Connection in WordPress

error establishing a database connection

Are you getting the dreaded “error establishing a database connection” message? If you are familiar with WordPress, you must have seen this message at least once. It is one of the biggest headache of a webmaster and God forbid your website visitor sees this message, you will lose that visitor and the revenue you could … Read more