Hotjar – The Next Big Analytic Tool, Signup for the Beta!

If you have ever used Crazy Egg, Survey Monkey, Qualaroo, SnapEngage, Ethnio, or ClickTale then you know how powerful and amazing these tools are. They also come with a pretty hefty price tag. I personally use Crazy Egg on a weekly basis for heatmap data and the tool is priceless in my opinion. However I am always excited when cheaper tools come out that can give me the same data. And the day has finally come.

Introducing the next big analytic tool that combines everything under one roof: Hotjar Insights!

What is Hotjar Insights?

Hotjar Insights is a new powerful way to reveal true website user behavior and experiences in one central tool – giving you the big picture of how you can improve your site’s UX and conversion rates. All your data is securely stored in the cloud and is accessible at lightning speed.

app funnels What Does It Include?

  • Heatmaps
  • Feedback & Exit Polls
  • Online Surveys
  • Funnel & Form Analysis
  • Visitor Session Playback
  • Recruit User Testers
  • Proactive Chat

How Must Does It Cost?

Hotjar is offering unlimited access for free to everyone that shares their unique link during their beta period. After the beta period, you’ll receive an additional month of free, and if you like what you see you have the option of staying on at $29/month (discounts given to all early users). In comparison, $49/month gets you only Heatmaps for 100k page views on services like CrazyEgg.

What Is the Biggest Difference?

With Hotjar Insights there are no pageview or user limitations – you have just one simple plan that delivers unlimited insights. Every other tool mentioned above has limitations.

As always feel free to leave your comments below. I am very excited about this new tool and I’m sure some of you will be as well. Once I get full access to it I will be doing a full in-depth review!

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