5 Things You Should Consider Before Purchasing A WordPress Theme

For whatever reason, if you find yourself in need of a WordPress theme, here are five things you should consider before selecting or purchasing a WordPress theme.

5 Things You Should Consider Before Purchasing A WordPress Theme

1. Credibility of the Theme Author

Your theme is your visitor’s image of your website.

I would always advise against the use of free themes or nulled premium themes.

Most times, free themes don’t come with support. This means you do not get regular updates to the theme. Some of these updates block existing security flaws in the theme. If you do not update the theme, your site becomes vulnerable.

It is not uncommon for hacked premium themes to contain malicious code or exploits which could be used to gain unauthorized access to your website. Some of these themes automatically inject spammy links or ads into your website. This could hurt your website’s search engine rankings and you could lose the trust of your visitors.

This is why it is always a good idea to go for premium themes.

Always research the theme author before purchasing a theme. This will give you an idea of the quality of the theme before you part with your hard earned money.

Credibility of the author is one of five things you should consider before purchasing a WordPress theme.

2. Speed & Seo Optimization

Ensure your theme loads fast. Speed has become an important ranking metric for search engines and most importantly, everyone loves a fast loading webpage.

Ensure the theme uses clean code and is well optimized for SEO. You can check how fast your theme’s demo page loads by using GTmetrix.com.

3. Niche

If you’re going to be running a news site, I recommend you purchase a magazine theme. If you want to run a photography blog, use a tumblog theme or a portfolio theme. If you want to do reviews, use a theme that has review capabilities.

Your niche is essentially one of the things you should consider before purchasing a WordPress theme.

4. Ease of Use

“Quality in a product or service is not what the supplier puts in. It is what the customer gets out and is willing to pay for”. – Peter Drucker

WordPress is a content management system that makes things easy by providing a user friendly interface. Any theme you’re using shouldn’t be too difficult to navigate or use irrespective of how much it costs or how advanced its functions are.

A theme should be easy to use for both you and your site user. Always consider this before you purchase a WordPress theme

5. Quality of Support

The quality of support you receive for a theme is very important. If you have an urgent problem with the theme, how long would it take for you to get a solution?

Change is constant.

There are always an improvements being made and developed. Security practices are constantly updated as flaws and bugs are discovered. If your author isn’t proactive or doesn’t offer a good level of support, it could leave your website vulnerable.

If you can afford it, always go for the membership package. This will grant you access to several themes. You will be able to test several options until you find what works for you.

For just $69, Elegant Themes grants you access to 87 wonderful themes including the wonderful Divi Theme.

Tesla Themes offers you over 18 themes for just $54 including the lovely Revoke Theme.

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4 thoughts on “5 Things You Should Consider Before Purchasing A WordPress Theme”

  1. The other really important thing to look at is typography. Avoid themes that use ALL CAPITALS in titles, headings or links.


    Firstly, some screen readers read capitalised text letter-by-letter. The second problem is that capital letters are harder to read for everyone, but especially people with reading disabilities, dyslexia or autism. It is important to be aware that up to 10% of your readers may have dyslexia.

    The use of ALL CAPITALS or Title Case can reduce the readability of your text. Usability expert Jakob Nielsen has found that reading on screen can be around 25% slower than reading from paper, and reading All Caps can be a further 10% slower. When we read, we don’t actually look at every letter in a sentence, but actually the shapes of the words. When text is in All Caps, the height of every letter is identical making every word an even rectangular shape, forcing us to read letter-by-letter, reducing our reading speed.

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