RankXL Review: An Authority Niche Site the Right Way

So I am not a big fan of most programs out there teaching you how to build a niche site. 99% of them are scams and a big reason for the internet becoming crap. Even though I do SEO for a living I am always reading, always learning. Any tricks I can find simply make be a better SEO. A few months ago I purchased Chris Lee’s RankXL SEO niche course. I have been practicing some techniques he mentioned on a brand new site and all I can saw is wow. Check out my RankXL review below.

RankXL Review

If you want to build an authority niche site the right way, this is definitely the course you want!

Note: This course is not a shortcut. It requires work, commitment, and is all about building an authority site with best SEO white hat techniques and strategies. But if you stick with it, the payoff is huge! What do I mean by authority site? This is not your typical small Amazon affiliate or Adsense site targeting small keywords. This is about building a large site long term that generates 20x that of a small niche site. Yes all the secret sauce is in this!

Chris Lee’s course focuses a lot on Adsense since that is what he makes a living on, however 95% of this course applies to best practices for gaining organic traffic, SEO, link building, etc. It works great for Amazon affiliates as well. And yes it is all white hat. If you follow this course you won’t have to worry about Google penalizing your site.

RankXL Features

This is now version 3.0 of Chris Lee’s course. I bought it when it was version 1.0 and he has added so much information that it is almost mind boggling. Seriously, everything you need to succeed is in this guide!

4 Main Parts

The course itself contains 4 main parts.

Part 1: Niche & Keyword Research

rankxl review - niche keyword research

Part 2: On-Site SEO & Site Structure

on-site seo

Part 3: Link Building

link building

Part 4: Adsense, Growth, Putting Everything Together

rankxl review growth


  • Niche Book
  • Scalable Link Outreach Guide
  • Deep Dives
  • 3 Month Checklist
  • PDF Cheatsheets
  • Q&A Pack
  • WordPress Themes

My Success with RankXL

So I decided to give his course a test drive! I have a niche site I am building on the side (I don’t want to reveal the domain yet due to competitors). I started it in October 2015 following only Chris Lee’s RankXL course. Since I have a full-time job and other projects I am involved with I have only been spending around 30 minutes a day or less on this! That’s right you heard me, not very much time. In fact this week I have not even logged into the site once because I have been busy. You don’t need a lot of time for this to work. Obviously the more time you put in will result in faster success.

Here is my traffic since October 2015. The site now gets a consistent 9,000+ visitors a month. All organic traffic. And that is from 30 minutes a day or less, only touching the site 3 or 4 times a week.

niche site traffic

And here are the profits! Yes, profits already. Some of this is from Amazon and some from Google Adsense. What works great is if you pick a niche where both can be used.

  • October 2015: $4.09
  • November 2015: $45.78
  • December 2015: $98.19
  • January 2016: $125.35
  • February 2016: $165.22
  • March 2016: $235.10
  • October 2016: $1000.00+

Now part of Chris Lee’s strategies is outsourcing the content. That is how I don’t spend that much time on the site. This is not a new strategy. I can tell you I have outsourced 100% of the website’s content to iWriter. Chris also mentions other places to outsource in his course. So the profit above is not really profit yet since I spent money on buying articles. Each article I am buying only costs $10.50 (1,000 word articles), but you can go even cheaper and get $7 articles! But I can stop at any time and it would be profit. In fact in March I only spent $40 on content, so there was profit achieved in March.

June 2016 Update

I had my first $10 day from Google AdSense happen in June! Not to mention the biggest earnings to date during the month of May. And the site now gets over 25,000 visitors per month, all organic.

September 2016 Update

As of September 2016, my niche authority site now consistently makes well over $500 per month and gets over 70,000 visitors per month! Now that it has so much traffic I am actually spending more time on optimizing better ways increase the revenue, such as A/B testing ad placements, new 3rd party ad networks, etc. I am also in discussions now with some big name brands about ad placements. Things get exciting when you get closer to the 100,000 visitors per month mark.

At the beginning it is all about ranking for keywords and building your organic traffic. I use Accuranker to keep track of all my keyword rankings. I haven’t published a single blog post this entire week and traffic has continued to rise, that is how I know this strategy is working. Here is a snapshot of my Accuranker keyword ranking distribution.

seo keyword rankings

I can also click into the dashboard and see which URLs and keywords are ranking in which positions, and monitor their change over time.

keyword rankings

Now is $1,000 from a niche site a lot of money? No, but the beauty of this is that it is totally scalable and there really is no limit on how big you can grow. You can easily do this while working another job and grow it slowly over time. I will not stop until my niche site is earning $5,000 or more per month. My next strategy is to introduce some paid advertising, like Facebook ads to really jump start the growth even further, as long as I make more than I spend, it is totally scalable.

October 2016 update: I have now taken my authority niche site to over $1,000 a month and over 100,000 visitors. Check out my in-depth post on how to build a niche site.

Questions Answered with RankXL

Being an SEO and practicing new methods on a daily basis I still personally learned a lot with Chris Lee’s course and there are few hidden gems which made it totally worth it. Here are some commons questions that are answered in the course.

  • How can I find good niche that will make money?
  • How do I rank for keywords?
  • How do I build long sustaining SEO traffic?
  • How do I outsource the writing and where?
  • What type of Google Adsense units perform the best?
  • What colors of Google Adsense ads perform the best?
  • What WordPress theme do you recommend for earning the most?
  • How do I build backlinks?
  • What should I say when asking people to link to me?


Chris Lee has a 30-day refund which is rare on information products. The reason is Chris is a smart guy, he knows how much value is in his course. There is no way you will be asking for a refund! You’ll probably want to print it out and sleep with it, trust me.

So you are probably wondering how much it costs. You can get the complete course for $297 or 3 monthly payments of $99. Yes, I know, it’s not cheap by any means. But in my opinion he could be charging $500-$1000 for the amount of quality content that is in this course. Everything you need to be successful and earn passive income is in this guide.

Grab RankXL Course

I hope this RankXL review was helpful. Have any questions? Feel free to ask them below. Let me know what you think of the course if you buy it and join me on my authority niche site building adventure!

Brian Jackson

I craft actionable content and develop performance-driven WordPress plugins. Connect on Twitter or subscribe to my newsletter (twice a month, no spam).

16 thoughts on “RankXL Review: An Authority Niche Site the Right Way”

  1. great review – I think you’re the only human I’ve found other than chris and a couple stragglers in his blog comments who actually use it. I bought it last year and just started getting it going. What’s your progress with the site these days?

    • Thanks David. On my authority niche site I am using this method on you can see above I was at around 3,000 visitors per month back in January. As of yesterday my authority niche site just passed 7,000 organic visitors in last 30 days. And remember I launched it in October. I am still only touching the site around 3-4 times a week. Not very much as I don’t have much time. If I did, man I could probably be 5x the size by now. But I don’t mind, slow and steady.

      The method Chris uses works beautifully. I will clear more $ this month than ever before. Earnings increased about 20%+ from January to February.

      Remember these are authority sites so you just have to keep at it. I plan on being the biggest authority in my niche by the time I am done. Also I got my first product from a real company today that they sent me for free to review. Exciting times. My site is at the point where author people are viewing it as an authority site.

      I will make a note to update the post above with more detailed updates.

  2. Great review. Do you believe this course would benefit a current niche blog that does not fall into the hottest niche topic? I’m involved in a few small niche blogs… I’d love to buy this course but $400 (Canadian) is a lot of money to spend.

    • Hey Rick, this will work for any niche. Two of the niche sites I am working on right now are in the health niche, and one in financial niche. All the methods described will help you achieve long term growth. I totally understand about the price, it is spendy. Not cheap. But personally if I was Chris, I would be charging even more for it. Everything is in here that you need to achieve long term passive income.

      Let me know if you have any other questions. If you do end up purchasing would love to hear what you think! I will keep updating the post above with my niche site progress updates.

    • Ya, the information pretty much works in any niche. Also, I need to update the post above. Since June 2016, my niche site is now at over 55,000 visitors per month. Applying just the principles in the course.

      Everything being taught in the SEO course is valid for any site trying to generate better quality content, where to outsource writing, and even how to better monetize your adsense earnings.

  3. I am using rankxl for more than months after following this course i am ranking some of the highly competitive keywords. Really a helpful and valid course for beginners.

  4. I have learned a lot from reading some of the content Chris puts out on RankXL. And how awesome to see that you’ve used what he teaches (on his course) to build a great site – that has continued to grow. I’d like to one day read a case study of this site – you know the kinds that involve a series of articles that take readers through your site’s journey to the present.

  5. Hey Brian,
    I always wonder how to rank high on competitive keywords… but after reading your informative rankxl stuff here…I got some ideas to rank high!

    Thanks for your awesome work!


  6. Hey Brian,
    You have got all cool stuff out here for us beginners to learn how to effectively rank on a keyword.
    After reading your article I feel so sure to take rankxl for my business.
    Just wanted to stop by and say thanks for this wonderful product.


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