How to Link Google AdWords with Google Analytics

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It’s always good to go back to the basics sometimes. The readers of this blog range from beginners to advanced marketers. One thing that all of us sometimes forget when launching a new PPC campaign (account) is to link the Google AdWords account with Google Analytics. So I am going to show you how! Make … Read more

How to Transfer Admin Ownership on Google Analytics Property

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Transfer Ownership in Google Analytics If you have arrived here you probably just sold a website or your moving clients around and are needing to transfer the complete ownership and or admin rights of your Google Analytic’s account to someone else. Most likely the way your Google Analytics account is structured is you have a … Read more

Google Universal Analytics Showing Double Audience Results

google analytics

Universal Analytics Bug Since February 17th, there are a lot of us having an issue with Universal Analytics. It is showing double the results under Audience, and then it corrects itself the next day, usually around 10am or so. For those of us that run reports in the early AM this is starting to become a … Read more

How to Insert Multiple Rows in Microsoft Excel

microsoft excel

Insert Multiple Rows in Microsoft Excel Whether you are comparing PPC data, keyword ranking reports, or importing CSV lists to email marketing platforms; Microsoft Excel is still a crucial tool. I personally use it every day. A common task I always need to perform is inserting multiple rows in Excel (if you use Excel frequently … Read more