Export a List of URLS from Google Analytics for SEO Audit

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SEO Audit Have you ever tried to export a full list of your URLs from Google Analytics? If you have, you probably have realized that you can’t actually do this. A list like this can be very useful to have during an SEO audit of your website. I highly recommend using a tool like Screaming … Read more

How to See If a Link Is DoFollow or NoFollow?

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Even today, building backlinks are still very important. You should just be building quality backlinks.  Anyone buying packs of backlinks on Fiverr or another service is just asking for trouble, unless they know exactly that they are getting. My theory is, do the work yourself, and over time you will reap the benefits. That and … Read more

15+ Local Listings to Help Manage Your Brand Reputation

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Brand Reputation Below are over 15 local listings that will help you manage your brand reputation when it comes to reviews. It can also help boost your SEO; even though most of the links or nofollow, and create another avenue for additional traffic. Brand reputation has become somewhat of a problem lately with companies creating … Read more

Test Google Authorship with the Structured Data Testing Tool

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Google Authorship There are a couple ways now to add Google authorship to your website or blog. Add Google Authorship with an email address on your domain https://plus.google.com/authorship Add Google Authorship with the rel=author tag Social Media Examiner has a great in depth article on how to do this: http://www.socialmediaexaminer.com/google-author-tags/ You are also supposed to … Read more

How to Setup a Goal in Google Analytics to Track Web Form

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Setting up a Goal with Google Analytics to Track Web Form Submissions A previous post from last week I wrote about “How to Setup a Goal in Google Analytics with a Virtual Pageview.” This week I will be showing you how to setup a goal with Google Analytics to track your web form submissions. This … Read more

How to Find your Bing Webmaster Tools API Key

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Bing Webmaster Tools API Key This is a short tutorial on how to find your Bing Webmaster Tool’s API key. It is very easy, but I still get asked this a lot. There are a couple different reasons you might need this. One example is if you are managing multiple Bing accounts within Raven Tools, … Read more