How to Easily Cleanup Negative SEO with Web CEO and rmoov

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Cleanup Negative SEO A couple months ago I wrote about cleaning up a massive negative SEO attack with Web CEO. And while I still use that method you also want to contact the webmasters to get the links removed. Simply disavowing domains is simply letting Google know that they shouldn’t count those links against you. While … Read more

Increase your CTR Right Now with Google Knowledge Graph

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Google just recently released instructions on how to easily customize your knowledge graph listings both for personal search results and branding results. What is the knowledge graph? Basically it is the information that shows on the right hand side when you search in Google. This comes as a result of the updates to the new … Read more

Increase your Positive Online Reviews with GetFiveStars


Increase Positive Online Reviews There is a brand new tool on the market and it is one you don’t want to miss. If you are a local business or do anything online and are looking for a better way to increase your online reviews and or reputation then GetFiveStars is a tool you definitely want … Read more

How to Create a Free Business Listing on CitySearch (5 Easy Steps)


Free Business Listing on CitySearch If you are trying to figure out how to submit your business with a free listing on CitySearch then follow the instructions below. They kind of hide their whole process, but it is fairly easy. CitySearch is run by CityGrid, which in turn pulls data from ExpressUpdate. Step 1 First … Read more

How to Add NoFollow Links to your WordPress Menu


Usually I don’t recommend adding external links to your WordPress navigation menu, footer, or sidebar because if you don’t know what you are doing it can be disastrous. WordPress is setup in such a way that when you add external links in your footer or navigation menu it creates a backlink to that external site. … Read more

Cleaning Up a Massive Negative SEO Attack with Web CEO

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Negative SEO Attack Last week one of my sites got hacked and I got a huge negative SEO attack. The hack itself was primarily my fault as it was running an out of date WordPress theme from 2008. The theme developer no longer supports it and I haven’t had the time to migrate the site … Read more

Web CEO All-In-One SEO Software Suite Review

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Web CEO Review If you are looking for a new SEO tool that does everything you have been dreaming of, well then you need to read this review on Web CEO. I used to use Raven Tools and am still a huge fan but I got to the point where it didn’t have what I … Read more

SEO: Two Domains, Same Content, Two Different Languages

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SEO with Two Different Languages If you have two different domains with the same content but different languages you are probably wanting to know how to set them up correctly from an SEO perspective. If you try to Google this you will get all sorts of answers which can be very confusing. The first thought … Read more