Change Vimeo Link Colors to Match Your Branding

vimeo link colors

It is always very important when marketing a brand to keep consistent color schemes and palettes so that people recognize you on the web. Follow this quick and easy tutorial below on how to change your Vimeo link colors to match your branding. Step 1 First login to your Vimeo account and click into “My … Read more

Best Website Speed Test Tools

website speed test tools

This is a list of the best website speed test tools on the internet. Google loves speed and so it is important that you make sure your website is running fast at all times. It can help with your SEO rankings, bounce rate, and conversion rate. Best Website Speed Test Tools This list consists of only … Read more

5 Best CDNs For WordPress: Which One is Right For You?

5 Best CDN For WordPress

Best CDN For WordPress If you’re serving a lot of media to users on your website, optimization and caching might not be enough, you will need to get a CDN if you want to keep your website stable and fast. A CDN will help reduce the stress on your server by storing your website’s static resources on … Read more

Fix Max-Width Images in MailChimp RSS-To-Email Campaign


I am a very OCD person and so I always want everything to look perfect, down to the last pixel. The other day I noticed one of my MailChimp RSS-To-Email campaigns wasn’t showing up correctly when viewed on a mobile device. The problem was the image was overflowing off of the screen. After some digging around and … Read more