Best WordPress Cache Plugins

best wordpress cache plugin

This is a list of the best WordPress Cache plugins for WordPress. 1. Cache Enabler [free] Cache Enabler is by far the best WordPress Cache plugin. It is super lightweight, easy to use, and even offers WebP switching. 2. WP Rocket [premium] If I wasn’t using Cache Enabler, WP Rocket is my second favorite cache plugin for WordPress. Fairly simple to use … Read more

Best Website Speed Test Tools

website speed test tools

This is a list of the best website speed test tools on the internet. Google loves speed and so it is important that you make sure your website is running fast at all times. It can help with your SEO rankings, bounce rate, and conversion rate. Best Website Speed Test Tools This list consists of only … Read more

Best Email Forwarding Service

email forwarding service

A lot of us manage multiple email accounts, and I personally like routing everything to one place so I don’t have to bounce between different providers or tabs all day long. This is a list of the best solutions for an email forwarding service. 1. Pobox Pobox is by far my favorite email forwarding service. $34 a year and … Read more

Best Keyword Research Tools for 2017

best keyword research tools

This is a list of the best keyword research tools. When it comes to SEO and ranking in SERPs, keyword research is everything. If someone is telling you keywords don’t matter anymore, they are dead wrong! 1. KWFinder KWFinder is by far my favorite keyword research tool. And trust me, I have tried them all! Make sure to … Read more

Best WordPress Two-Factor Authentication Plugins

wordpress two-factor authentication

This is a list of the best WordPress two-factor authentication plugins. 1. Google Authenticator [free] Google Authenticator is by far the best WordPress two-factor authentication plugin. It is completely free and you can use it for an unlimited amount of users. 2. Clef Two Factor Authentication [free + premium] Clef Two Factor Authentication is my second favorite two-factor authentication plugin for WordPress. … Read more

Best Image Compression Plugins for WordPress

best image compression

This is a list of the best image compression plugins for WordPress, and the ones I personally recommend. Image Compression plugins 1. Imagify Imagify is created by the team over at WP Rocket. If you are looking for a plugin that does good lossy compression, this a great one! It is a premium plugin, but works super … Read more

Best Keyword Rank Checker Tools

best keyword rank checker

When it comes to doing SEO, keeping track of your keyword rankings is very important. How else are you to know how well your content marketing efforts are doing? This is a list of the best keyword rank checker tools. Best Keyword Rank Checker Tools There are a lot of keyword rank checker tools out … Read more