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How to Enable UTM Tags (URL Auto-Tagging) in Bing Ads

bing ppc

Enable UTM Tags in Bing Ads As most of you know today Bing Ads finally added auto-tagging for their URLs so you no longer have to use a third party tool. This is great news for everyone! Follow the steps below to enable this so it automatically adds the UTM parameters on to the end … Read more

Export a List of URLS from Google Analytics for SEO Audit

google analytics

SEO Audit Have you ever tried to export a full list of your URLs from Google Analytics? If you have, you probably have realized that you can’t actually do this. A list like this can be very useful to have during an SEO audit of your website. I highly recommend using a tool like Screaming … Read more

How to See If a Link Is DoFollow or NoFollow?

seo follow links

Even today, building backlinks are still very important. You should just be building quality backlinks.  Anyone buying packs of backlinks on Fiverr or another service is just asking for trouble, unless they know exactly that they are getting. My theory is, do the work yourself, and over time you will reap the benefits. That and … Read more

List of Top 5 Free Places to Grab Old Browser Screenshots

browser screenshots

Many of us internet marketers have to also be web developers. We don’t have time and probably don’t need or want to pay for a monthly subscription for a full cross-browser compatibility service. Sometimes we just need to quickly see if what we did breaks the website in an old version of IE, or see … Read more

How to Insert the Bing Conversion Code in WordPress

bing conversion pixel

Bing Conversion Code in WordPress We all know tracking conversions is crucial to your advertising campaign’s success. In our last article we wrote about how to insert the Facebook Conversion Pixel in WordPress. This time we are going to show you how to insert the Bing Conversion code in WordPress. This allows you to pick … Read more